FeltusFeltus Fine Art Photography

All colour photographs are made as C-DIP prints on Fuji Crystal Archive semi-matt paper.

C-DIP stands for Chromogenic Digital Intermediate Print: the negatives have been scanned using an Imacon Precision II, colour graded digitally (but with no ‘manipulation’, as such), and printed back to photochemical support by means of a Durst Epsilon on Fuji Crystal Archive RC paper.

All black and white prints were hand printed by Tobias Feltus on Fiber Base silver bromide paper.

FeltusFeltus shoot exclusively to film. All effects are created in-camera.

Images are titled by the name of the series, followed by a number, which corresponds to the roll and frame numbers in the series.

All images Copyright © Tobias Feltus & Joseph Feltus, 1998-2008